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We are a small family farm raising chicken, pork, and eggs.

The Carr family, second generation farmers, live and work on the farm. We personally handle all the daily chores, from gathering farm fresh eggs, feeding the pigs, and even the less glamorous aspects of cleaning up after the animals. All of our meat is fed on our family farm. We use no steroids or chemicals that may be harmful to you or the environment. What you receive is 100% natural meat, direct from the farm where it was raised. No middle man, no long distance trucking, no filthy mass stockyards. Buy the meat you feed to your family from a source you can trust!



PO Box 205
Hollandale WI 53544

Phone: 608-341-8101

We sell at local farmers markets in Madison, WI.  
The Dane County Farmers Market at the capital square all year long and the Westside Community Market.
Dane County Farmers Market:   http://dcfm.org/
Westside Community Market:  http://www.westsidecommunitymarket.org/
We also take order requests for half and whole hogs, roasting chicken, and eggs. 

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:


Our Products
Our Philosophy